What We Do?

AACID Holding Company includes a number of shareholders and investors in the Republic of Sudan and abroad, with a primarily view to invest in the exchange of benefits between the States of the region, therefore facilitate the activation of economic diversification, between the Arab States and Africa on one side, and the Arab Islamic finance funds and on the other side, through smart partnerships between the public sector and the private sector in the areas of agriculture, energy, communication services and infrastructure.


We offer cutting edge technologies that is designed and integrated specifically to meet African environmental challenges. We are working hand-in-hand with local service providers to deliver reliable and affordable communication services from infrastructure of fiber optics and mobile/fixed access networks to vertical value-added systems and applications that boost the utilization of communication services.

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AACID have started with gold mining targeting 10 tons by 2022, to diversify its assets portfolio. At the same time the company have planned to mine for industrial minerals, by which AACID can fulfill all the needs of raw materials to the production towers, solar panels and other components required for the projects executed within Africa by AACID or any other institutions.

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AACID employ advanced technologies in agriculture to overcome infrastructure challenges in Africa and reduce the operation cost and increase productivity either through projects of direct cultivation or partnership with local cultivator providing them the required technologies and infrastructure services like irrigation. AACID is accompanying international standards in its process from early beginning to ensure competition of the production in the global market.
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Renewable Energy

Energy consumption and availability present a major challenge in Africa both for home and industrial use. AACID through its technical subsidiaries are investing in sustainable power solutions from the production of solar panels, to design, installation and operation of power plants producing tens of megawatts of clean energy.

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AACID subsidiaries include

Our Partners

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